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Customize FredBoat for your server


FredBoat supports a few options when it comes to customizing its behavior in your server. You must have admin permissions to change any of these settings.

The /config command

This command allows you to change a couple server specific settings for the bot. Running the /config command without args should show you something like this:

track_announce = false

auto_resume = false

If you want FredBoat to start announcing new tracks being played, you can enable that feature with:

/config track_announce true

If you want to get the bot to unpause when someone joins the voice chat, you can change this setting:

/config auto_resume true

Enabling/disabling automatic deletion of /play requests

If FredBoat has permission to 'Manage Messages' in the channel settings, it will automatically delete any valid /play requests. If you prefer to keep the messages, you can just disable this bot's 'Manage Messages' permission.

Limiting access to text and voice channels

To restrict FredBoat from receiving commands from a certain text channel, simply revoke the bot's permission to "Send Messages" in that channel. FredBoat will only accept commands from a channel it can write to. Likewise, if you do not want FredBoat to join certain voice channels, take away its permission to "Connect."

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